We do not just build typical houses, we build the house of your dream!
Our company specializes in the construction of real estate in Moscow, Moscow region and all over Russia, building houses and cottages comfort class turnkey and carrying out comprehensive work to legitimize your every action and protect you from unnecessary worries.

Our specialists will take on all the difficulties associated with the design of the house, its construction and commissioning. This is a complex process for which the contractor is responsible at each stage. The only thing that is required from you is an idea of what your house should be like and from what materials you prefer to build it. If these issues are agreed, the documents are signed, then the first step to the dream has already been taken. And believe me, it is a very important step!
Stages of construction
Now you are probably most interested in the progress of construction: when and by whom the work will be done and how it can be monitored remotely. Thanks to our scheme, a house of any architectural complexity is built quickly and easily. Construction phases include:
Discussion of the project with the customer
Construction of turnkey houses begins with the customer's request, not with the first brick laid. Whether it is your own project or a standard one - all the nuances of construction are discussed at this stage. You can meet with a company engineer or an architect.
Choice of materials
Our company can offer options for the erection of block and brick structures. Also frame construction is invariably popular. For lovers of natural materials there are options of turnkey buildings made of eco-friendly timber.
Drawing up technical documentation
Whatever the future home may be, technical documentation has to be drawn up for it. The need to develop a commercial project is due to the fact that each client must prepare for future construction in financial terms.
When the documentation is drawn up, materials selected, estimates approved, begins the process of erecting the house
What does the construction include
So, the moment comes when all the preparatory work is over and you can start building. The construction of the house begins with the most responsible part of the process - work with the foundation. At this stage, everything will depend on the technology and materials used. Frame technology house is built with its own characteristics, the work with beams, blocks or bricks also requires compliance with certain rules. The company has at its disposal experienced crews.

Their specialty is the erection of a house on a turnkey basis, which includes:
  • foundation pouring;
  • construction of designed houses - installation of walls and partitions;
  • roofing work;
  • exterior finishing of houses;
  • engineering communications;
  • internal finishing of houses
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