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Interior design
Exterior design
Landscape design
Interior design
Interior design apartment is not just a tribute to fashion, but a reflection of taste and lifestyle of its owners, a kind of mirror in which you can see their ideas about beauty, harmony, orderliness.

Moving into a new home or planning a major renovation, even with a meager budget, we think about a certain style and harmony of all interior elements, which would like to see in the end. Thought-out and modern apartment interior is a feeling of comfort, confidence, and the formation of a new perception of yourself and life in general.

Each project is created individually. We do our best to consider all the wishes of our clients, regardless of their budget.

The basic principle of creating a design project of our company is based on the architectural solution, which creates space, because the form and tectonics - are the basis, which is already imposed decorative elements and color. Order a design project in our company, you get not only a set of comprehensive drawings and visualizations, you get a complete idea of how your House will look like.
The concept
Measurement plan, furniture arrangement, color solution
Layout of rooms, layout of selected furniture, 3D MAX visualization
Plan for dismantling partitions, installation of partitions, underfloor heating, ceilings, power supply, switches, outlets, placement of plumbing equipment
Parts list with articles, door specification with dimensions, wall layout with dimensions and prices of materials, furniture set
Exterior design
We all want a stunning home that will stand out, but we also want it to blend in with its surroundings and the surrounding area. The process of decorating an exterior can be quite complex; you have to choose colors, materials, balance shapes and lines - it's not a job for novice designers.
Have you ever wondered what makes the exterior of a home attractive? Why do some houses on the street make you stop and admire their beauty? More than likely, some key design principles were considered when decorating these stunning homes. Yes, in any design, interior or exterior, you need to follow some simple design rules to make the end result pleasing to the eye.

Home exteriors are best trusted to professionals. A professional designer will select the appropriate color scheme. Also, a specialist will choose the appropriate finishing materials. This can be, for example, decorative plaster or facing stone. Despite the rather massive finishing stone in terms of structure and texture, the house will look neat and even elegant. Finishing houses - a very important element of the exteriors of houses.

We are distinguished by a professional approach and taking into account the slightest nuances, which allows us to translate into exterior design of any of your ideas.

We are ready to offer you the following types of design exteriors:
  • Exterior design of a private house, cottage, country hotel;
  • Exterior design store or shopping mall;
  • Exterior design restaurant or cafe;
  • Exterior design of an office building.
During the entire period of work of our company a large number of complex, but at the same time the most interesting projects of exteriors of houses, industrial and public buildings have been completed.
Landscape design
Landscape design: a subtle game of taste. Do you want to make your plot original, functional and cozy? Three results in one - qualitatively and quickly - you will get a modern landscape design. The art of literate use of the richest potential of wildlife has a long and strong tradition. However, familiarity with the history of landscape design and knowledge of the biological characteristics of plants are still not enough of a prerequisite for professional landscape design.

High-class specialists in the design, landscaping and garden care are distinguished by extensive experience, allowing to find solutions to the most unusual problems, impeccable taste and attention to the wishes of the client. Specialists in our company carefully and carefully approach each of their projects.

We not only develop and implement the landscape design from the first to the last stage, but also advise our customers on any matters relating to landscape design, landscaping, lawn care, gardening and landscaping. We are happy to work with you and for you to create a magnificent, original and functional garden.
Stages of service provision
Conceptual solution
We provide the client with several draft versions of the landscape project, allowing you to see and choose the appropriate final result.
Landscape design
Always the most complete and detailed working draft of the landscape architect SI Bureau ensures the quality of all work.
Site improvement
Laying of engineering networks: installation of automatic irrigation, drainage and drainage systems. Organization of paths, driveways, grounds and terraces. Implementation of landscape lighting.
Lawn arrangement: sowing or laying roll lawn. Planting trees, shrubs, evergreens. Replanting of large trees and shrubs. Creation of flowerbeds, alpine rockeries.
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