We bring building and finishing materials from anywhere in the world to Russia
"RUSTORG" LTD offers a comprehensive service for the organization of international transportation and customs clearance of building and finishing materials in Russia on a turnkey basis.
We import materials from China, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries.

Our directions:
◉ organize the delivery process, develop an optimal route;
◉ determine the HS codes for construction materials;
We prepare all transport and accompanying documents - bills of lading, bills of lading (CMR/THN), TIR-carnet, contracts and their annexes, invoices, packing lists, specifications, etc;
◉ calculate customs value and customs payments (taxes, duties, fees);
◉ We provide legal and informational support in case of adjustment of the customs value by the customs;
◉ prepare documentation for the possibility of obtaining preferences and tax exemptions, if provided by law;
◉ certification and declaration of conformity of construction materials;
◉ assisting in obtaining permits, quality and origin certificates for building materials;
◉ filling in the declaration of goods in electronic form and submitting it to the customs;
◉ We are present at the customs inspection of construction materials and other customs control procedures;
◉ placing goods in temporary and responsible warehouses;
◉ we provide in-port forwarding, monitoring of cargo movement on the way, insurance of transportation, other logistic services.

After customs clearance, we take out of the customs control zone and deliver to the recipients in Moscow and any other region of Russia.

The company's specialists quickly calculate the shipping cost of building materials from any of the countries of the world, provide the best price for customs clearance, will help with the optimization of customs duties. After the deal is closed, we provide the client with a full package of shipping documents for financial accounting.

Receiving requests from clients, we undertake delivery and clearance of the following cargo nomenclature:
◉ finishing materials (wallpaper, wall panels, tile, laminate, parquet, decorative stone, marble, engineering board) in factory packaging;
◉ bulk building materials in bulk and packaging (cement, sand, dry mixes);
◉ paint products (paints, varnishes, solvents, mastics) in cans and plastic buckets (including DG cargo);
◉ roll and tile materials (insulation, soundproofing and waterproofing boards);
◉ roofing materials (shingles, profiled sheeting);
◉ building blocks (bricks, foam blocks);
◉ metal products (armature, angles, metal profile).
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